My story begins from Finnish Lapland where I grew up dancing in the surrounding forest, climbing the trees and enjoying the natural beauty around me. Now, after a few years of exploring the world, I am back home and I want to share with you everything I already have, while constantly continuing to learn more.

I studied beauty and spa therapy in Tampere Finland and graduated in 2014. Since then I´ve been fortunate to live on a beautiful island in Spain and in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. While working in luxury spa resorts and tranquil salons I fell in love with spa therapy and realized that I enjoy the holistic approach of it.

I travelled to India to study yoga and holistic therapies connecting the body, mind and spirit.

Sport massage school was the next step to deepen my knowledge of human anatomy and massage therapy.

Throughout my journey I've met many amazing teachers, who have played a big part in where I am now and who I´ve become.


Always learning and growing.

Thank you.